Wednesday, July 24, 2013

New Items!!!

Hi every one I wanted to let you all know that I have expanded my bag making to also incorporate bags for wands!!!  These bags here are made from the finest velvet imported from Korea and hand made into bags made just for your wands. I am making the bags in three sizes right now, and they will also come in satin; in several different colors. Come the end of August I plan to buy more velvet in three colors, the forest green, either red, blue, or whine and blue. They also carry black, but I need to know if that is something you all would like to see made. 
The sizes I make right now are 18 and a half inches by 2 and half inches, 11 inches by 2 and half inches, and the small ones made just for solid crystal wands, measure in at 5 inches by 1 and a half inches

I plan to include a bag size of 22" in length, and keep the remaining sizes. I will include a link to order soon!

Let me know what you think!!
Blessed be!

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